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James A Brady is a talented painter who's spent several years working in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. James graduated with a Marketing degree from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA. and has studied at both The Joe Kubert's School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, and the Famous Art Student's League in NY, NY.

He was then hired as a conceptual / storyboard artist and Animator for Marvel's Spiderman vs. The Sinister Six. James later moved to LA and his first job was parking cars for Frank Sinatra's funeral.

He attended Sherman Oaks Art Association League and Hollywood's Playhouse West, and started selling art works out of three galleries in the Hollywood area. He created storyboards and conceptual works for several Television Networks and Film companies. He was then hired to work on TLC's Junkyard Wars as part of the art Department, where he worked for five seasons and six specials.

With the success of Junkyard Wars with him, James went on to become the Lead Art Director for NBC's Discovery Kids Operation Junkyard. After OPJY Wars, he opened, operated, and co -owned an Artistic Furnishing store on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, CA. He "Production Designed" several indie films, and worked for two years reading and correcting scripts for a Los Angeles firm.

James returned to Philladelphia, got married, and settled in nostalgic East Falls. He continues Art Direction, Props, Storyboards, and now Produces for several Philadelphia Companies. The short film Color is his Directorial Debut!