April 9, 2015 22:09

Color - A short film by James Brady

James Brady - Exec. Producer - Known for his work for NBC, CBS, ABC, Discovery, TLC, Marvel, and Disney.

Chris R. Notarile - Asst. Director- Won NY Independent Film Festival this year!

Wil Branca - Animator- known for his work on Ren & Stimpy!

Paul Turner - Voice Over - known for his work on Howard Stern, Fox, NFL, MLB , and CNN!

Barbara Sigell - Actrees- Golden Globe nominee!

Other Main Cast includes: Alphonsus McFadden, Roberto Lombardi, Allison Persaud, Danny Donnelly, Nakia Dillard, Francine Bianco Tax, Jeff Mowery, Keyon N. Smith, Ryan Tygh, John Westford, Greg Pronko, David L. Simmons, Joan Levin, & Steven Carey

Composition scores by Earl Stepp and Gary Gustin Music by The Soul Survivors!

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Color: Trailer 1, Trailer2